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Mortgage Assistant has been set up to be the friendly, accessible and authoritative information portal on mortgages and buying properties. Most importantly, MA is impartial and unbiased.

Mortgage Assistant is composed by a set of helpful tools designed to aid users in their choice of mortgage and in the whole property buying and selling processes. These tools include:

  • Mortgage Assistant, explaining all of the mortgage options available in the market in a friendly, easy to understand way.
  • Step-by-step guides, covering the most relevant topics in the property subject, such as buying, selling, and remortgaging.
  • Features and News in Brief, an additional service, which provides MA users with a fresh, unbiased perspective about what's currently happening in the property and mortgage, markets.
  • Ask an Expert, in which leading industry professionals answer to property and mortgage-related enquiries from MA users.
  • An online quotation form for immediate contact with MA professionals about mortgage possibilities, aiming to offer a better deal for MA users.
  • The Mortgage Brokers directory.
  • An Additional property services directory (agents, movers, etc.).

The team behind Mortgage Assistant is composed by top-level professionals with many years of experience in the property and mortgage markets, together with a high level of expertise in web-based ventures.

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Mortgage Tools

  • Mortgage Calc
    This tool enables you to accurately calculate monthly mortgage payments...
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